The typical myths of offshore wind

The typical myths on offshore wind Do offshore wind turbines harm marine life...? Occasionally statements pop up stating that offshore wind energy might harm marine life But is that the truth or just a myth? During the construction and installation phase of offshore wind projects Fish and other marine life will naturally disappear. But evidence suggests that the fish and marine life actually reappear when the projects have completed And the foundations act as an artificial reef for marine life. Is offshore too expensive...? Another statement that often crops up is that offshore wind energy is too expensive. But is that just a myth or do the facts and figures tell a different story? Another debate and another myth out there is the cost of offshore wind. Some maintain it to be too expensive. But this debate about the cost of offshore wind energy is often very confusing. On the one hand we have high installation CAPEX costs, much higher than for onshore wind and this is for good reason. We are much further out at sea, in deeper waters, in a more challenging environment with limited weather windows. But what is key here is that with offshore we have stronger winds, steadier winds, and we can build larger turbines with much larger rotor diameters where we can capture much more energy from those turbines So it is the cost of energy that is key. That is the only relevant measure for the cost of offshore wind. Offshore wind is in its infancy and it is maturing. But as it matures and progresses up the learning curve we will see the gap between on- and offshore wind narrow. And in the future we expect to see cost reductions for offshore wind.

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