Impact on wildlife

Impact on wildlife Wind turbines placed in natural environments will inevitably have some impact on wildlife, primarily birds and bats. But how significant is this impact? And what can be done to minimize it? Wind energy and its impact on the environment and wildlife is an issue that Vestas takes very seriously. Our view is that well planned siting of wind turbines is the key to minimizing the impact on wildlife. Compared to other power generation technologies that require mining, drilling, refining and transporting of fuel sources wind energy is a very environmentally friendly power technology. What impact can wind turbines have on wildlife? Let's take a look at a Canadian study that shows different causes of bird fatalities. Here it shows very clearly that wind turbines have an exceedingly modest impact in terms of bird fatalities, compared to other activities. And now, for example, it's common practice to do environmental impact studies before a wind park is actually built. And these studies will look at things like bird populations in the area, their flight patterns, nesting, and feeding habits. And this is done as a way of learning how the natural environment already exists in the area, and then minimizing the impact we have when we place the turbines in their environment. Bats & wind turbines There are also issues about wind turbines' impacts on bat populations. We have to acknowledge, however, that we know a lot less about these impacts than we do with regard to birds. We do know that bats tend to fly in low wind periods and that they are affected more by the fluctuating air pressure around the circulating blades, more than direct impacts. But much more research is needed in order to find the best possible mitigation strategies to minimize the impacts that wind turbines have on bat populations.

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