Exploit offshore wind resources

Offshore has unlimited potential But why even consider to go offshore when it appears to be more challenging and more expensive than just staying onshore? We believe that offshore wind energy will be the next big thing. Simply because offshore wind has massive opportunities and unlimited possibilities in the long run. If you look at the development of onshore wind from it early stages and up until today, we can expect the same from offshore. Tremendous progress has already been made And as the market matures and grows we can expect the cost of offshore to come down

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Exploit offshore wind resources Exploit offshore wind resources

Available with the 2 MW GridStreamer Worldwide grid compliance

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Our 2 MW and 3 MW platforms have been upgraded to cover a wider range of wind conditions enabling you to mix turbines across your sites, delivering industry-leading reliability, serviceability and exceptional energy capture. Please visit vestas.com to learn more about the new product releases.