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In order to realise the best possible return on investment your wind power plant needs to be fully operational at all times. That’s why at Vestas, our Active Output Management concept is designed to provide optimal service and maintenance, throughout the course of your plant’s lifetime. By sharing the benefits of industry-leading performance, Vestas ensures that you have less turbine downtime and higher energy output, building the strongest possible business case for your project. So how do we offer predictable product performance, for years to come? By investing in partnerships, building a support network unparalleled in the wind industry. Vestas has erected over 40,000 wind turbines over the past three decades. With more experience in the industry than anyone else, and with the largest turbine fleet in the world… … every day we monitor data from over 20,000 turbines, at the Vestas Performance and Diagnostics Centre, headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. Vestas’ round-the-clock research enables us to carry out what we call prevention through prediction - using information from sensors on every turbine, to identify any potential problems before they occur. Data from the Vestas Performance & Diagnostics Centre is gathered and processed by our supercomputer, one of the world’s largest, performing 150 trillion calculations per second. This staggering power enables us, through analysis of comprehensive weather data, to schedule turbine maintenance to periods of low wind, or in the case of offshore turbines, low wave heights - minimizing lost production even further. This is Vestas’ commitment to innovation and close collaboration with you, creating lasting output results. Our dedication to maximum turbine performance can be tailored to the exact needs of your business case. Active Output Management offers every level of collaboration to suit your needs - from AOM to AOM 5000, our all-inclusive, energy-based option. With Vestas as a proven service partner, AOM gives you the right Operations and Maintenance service… …the right People, the right Intelligence, and the right Infrastructure. With these four essential elements we can use our industry-leading expertise to ensure your wind power plant achieves the best possible results, year after year. Active Output Management is tailored so that Vestas can collaborate with you every step of the way, maximising your performance, and optimizing your revenue. AOM – Your power. Our commitment.

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AOM Services

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AOM 1000-3000

Available with the 2 MW GridStreamer Worldwide grid compliance

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AOM Introduction

Our 2 MW and 3 MW platforms have been upgraded to cover a wider range of wind conditions enabling you to mix turbines across your sites, delivering industry-leading reliability, serviceability and exceptional energy capture. Please visit to learn more about the new product releases.